Google review not showing up

“Why’s my Google review not showing up?” is a frequent question asked by many members of forums and is also one Web Design Solutions Wales clients have asked us. You’re not alone if you’re having problems with your Google My Business (GMB) listing. There are various reasons why Google reviews vanish, but the most common causes are faults with the Google My Business listing itself or issues with the review’s comments.

Issues with the Google My Business listing itself include: –

  • Google has disabled reviews
  • Listing information that isn’t correct
  • Listings that are duplicates
  • New location
  • Listings that are no longer active
  • Listings that are brand new

Issues with Google reviews due to review formatting: –

  • Links or URLs that have been labelled as spam
  • Reviews from third-party websites that are not authentic
  • Reviews that have been hidden or deleted

Why Is It Important for Your Business to Have Google Reviews?

Let’s start with why Google reviews are significant in the first place. It’s critical to the success of your company’s online reputation that your Google reviews appear correctly. It should also be at the forefront of your mind while you plan and implement your online review management strategy.

It’s not unusual for a customer to research a business before buying goods or services. Approximately 88 percent of buyers read reviews to assess a local business’s quality. Google reviews are used for a significant portion of this research.

As well as impressing the customer, businesses also need to impress Google. Google’s search algorithms are complicated, to put it mildly. One thing we know for sure is that Google reviews have a bearing on Google local search. According to, review signals like those seen in a business’ Google reviews account for around 9 percent of Google’s overall search algorithm.

Google Review not showing up due to Google My Business listing issues

A Google review may have vanished owing to modifications or issues with your Google My Business listing. In some circumstances, you may be able to repair the situation by making the appropriate changes yourself. However, due to changes in the GMB platform, there are certain instances where Google reviews do not appear.

Google has disabled reviews

During the early months of the COVID-19 epidemic, Google disabled reviews, an example of a shift beyond a business’s control. Because the organisation was working with a small crew, all listings had their Google reviews hidden. Customers could not write and publish new reviews, and companies could not respond to any reviews posted on their GMB page. However, reviews submitted before Google momentarily disabled publishing continued to appear.

In late May 2020, full review functionality was restored. If you’re still having trouble with disabled reviews on one or more of your company’s listings due to pandemic-era adjustments, go to the COVID-19 GMB help page. Regardless of the problems you’re having, your organisation should continue to ask for reviews on Google. Constant reviews help your brand stand out and maintain loyal clients, and it’s one of the most basic yet effective methods to begin changing your business for unpredictable times.

Listing information that isn’t correct

An erroneous listing puts off potential consumers and affects the number of Google reviews a business might receive after they leave. Fortunately, you may modify this by changing your listing information on GMB and following local listing management best practices.

You can modify public information like the address, operation hours, and phone number by going to the “Info” area of the GMB dashboard

Google My Business

More information on how to keep your business information up to date can be found on the Google support website here.

Listings that are duplicates

Check to determine if there are any duplicate Google listings for your locality. Duplicates usually happen when Google removes a review from your current listing, but it shows on a different listing that you don’t own or control. Visit Google Maps and search for your company location’s exact name or address to see if there are any duplicate entries.

Duplicate listings can be removed using a variety of methods, including reporting them on Google Maps or removing them from the Google My Business dashboard. Take the time to go through the “Google verify my business” method to avoid the problem. See this Google Support page on how to report a duplicate listing.

New location

Google should transmit reviews to the new location on Google Maps if a business moves but remains the same name. However, if a business is firmly related to a specific region — such as hotels, golf courses, or local attractions — Google may not transfer the ratings automatically. If this is the case, use the Google Get Help page here to email Google a report with information on your new business location. Keep in mind that you may need to re-verify the listing if you move to a different place.

Listings that are no longer active

Your brand’s reputation may suffer due to an inactive Google listing. After a “substantial period of time,” those who don’t log in to their Google My Business dashboard or exhibit any activity — such as post changes, images, or review responses — may lose their verification status. A business won’t display in Google Search or Maps if it isn’t verified; customers won’t see its reviews.

Before the status is revoked, Google will try to contact you via email. If you don’t receive the email and the listing becomes unverified, you’ll need to contact customer service to have it validated again.

Listings that are brand new

When it comes to attracting customers in the early stages of a business, becoming listed on Google can help. However, users may take some time to see the reviews that others have written about your company. Google is unlikely to display the entire set of reviews on your listing unless at least five people have left a review or rating. Having a strategy for soliciting consumer feedback can be beneficial. Also, make sure you know how to respond to both bad and positive client comments.

Google Review not showing up – Issues with Google reviews due to review formatting

If your business listing isn’t the issue, it could be the reviews themselves or how they were written or posted. Unfortunately, you don’t have as much control over the presentation of your reviews in these circumstances. You can teach customers how to write feedback in the most effective way possible.

Reviews with links and URLs that have been labelled as spam

To maintain the platform’s quality, Google continues to be active in combating review spam. It’s also possible that a Google review isn’t showing up because it violated the Google review guidelines. The review may also be removed if flagged as improper by other users. In these situations, Google looks into the review in question before removing it from the listing.

Links or URLs that have been labelled as spam

Google may also remove reviews and answers that contain links or URLs. Users can, however, go back and quickly modify their Google My Business evaluations to remove the URL and avoid Google’s digital wrath.

Reviews from third-party websites that are not authentic

Some businesses cross the line by attempting to buy Google reviews to raise their internet reputation artificially. This technique is against Google’s guidelines, and it could result in your entire GMB listing being removed. Web Design Solutions Wales firmly recommends not using any of these services as going against Google policy will end badly.

Rather than trying to buy phoney reviews, take the initiative and start asking for them. This naturally enhances your search presence and brand reputation, giving you the information you need to improve the consumer experience. Web Design Solutions Wales offers a brand new unique way of getting more reviews for your business, view the service here.

Reviews that have been hidden or deleted

In earlier Google updates, users could mark their evaluations as private so that others wouldn’t see them. This option has been removed from the list. If you discover a review is missing, it’s also possible that the individual who left it erased it. There’s not much you can do in this instance, but hope that the buyer returns and leaves another review.

Last Thoughts

When one or more Google reviews disappear from your business listings, it’s critical to consider the situation as an opportunity to gain new Google reviews from new customers. Customer reviews play an essential role in generating money and retaining clients. Your company can produce more reviews (the proper way) and establish a 5-star brand on the Internet’s largest search engine and business discovery platform by continuing to request input and enhancing the customer experience.