How Much Does a Website Cost in the UK?

So how much does a website cost in the UK? The answer depends on many factors, including your budget, the type of site you want to create, whether or not you need any special features, etc. You can take three routes to get a website up and running for your business, build it yourself using a website builderhire a freelancer, or use an affordable web design agency. Depending on which route you take determines the cost of a website.

The first and most important question is what type of website you want to create. The table below showcases the kinds of websites, their features, and the average agency cost. Giving you an idea of how much a website costs in the UK.

Types of Websites

A four-page website – simple with no special features or functionality other than displaying the company details and work. It may be used for informational purposes only or as part of a more extensive website such as a blog. You would expect to see specific pages on a standard four-page webpage would be a Home page, About page, Our works page, and finally a Contact us page.

Business website – similar to a four-page website, a business website would contain all pages and features of a four-page website with additional pages. The different pages or features could include Social integration with Facebook, a Chatbot to welcome and answer visitor questions, or other services such as Google My Business.

E-commerce website – a website dedicated to selling products and services. E-commerce websites allow users to buy items directly instead of going out into physical retail locations. This will enable companies to reach millions of people at once without investing large amounts of money in advertising campaigns.

   Website type Features Agency cost
Standard (1-4 Page) 1-4 responsive pages
Home, about us, our works, and a contact us page
Perfect for local businesses or start-ups
£399 – £500  
Business 1-8 responsive pages
Social media integration
Extra features such as chatbot
Google my Business setup  
£500 – £1,000  
Ecommerce Online store with products (Woocommerce or Shopify)
Order management integration
£1,000 – £2,500  
Table showing how much a website costs in the UK

Cost of building a website yourself

Many free website builders are available, such as Wix, but they all have their limitations. If you have your design in mind or want to customise and configure a website to suit your needs, then having an agency build the website may be more suitable. Although, it’s worth checking them out before wanting to commit before hiring someone else. Some website builders may also charge a monthly fee or extra for certain features; for example, Wix charges up to £22 a month for a ‘Business VIP’ plan. It’s worth taking this into account when deciding on which option to take, as monthly fees and additional fees do add up. Prices for building a standard website type yourself vary, but range from free – £22 per month. Pricing plan for Business websites

Cost of hiring a Freelancer

The average price per hour for an experienced freelance web designer in the United Kingdom ranges from £50 to £100, depending upon their experience level and skill set. Meaning that if you are looking at hiring someone who has been designing websites professionally for over five years could be charging around £75/hour. However, this figure can increase significantly as freelancers become more skilled and experienced. For example, a freelancer with less than two years’ experience may only charge between £40 and £60 per hour, whereas one with 6+ years’ experience could easily demand up to £150 per hour. Depending on website type and its complexity, the price for hiring a freelancer can range from anywhere between £1,000 – £10,000.

Cost of using an affordable web design agency to build a website

The third and final option is using a web design agency such as Web Design Solutions Wales to create a website. Web design agency pricing varies greatly depending on the company’s size, the number of employees, location, client base, project scope, and other similar factors. Pricing will depend on these variables, so we recommend speaking to several agencies to find the best fit for your requirements. We’ve listed some examples below based on typical projects undertaken by Web Design Solutions Wales. These figures should serve as a guide only and are just indicative of the cost involved.

Talyfan Contractors – A responsive and professional landscaping business website. Price: £850 incl. Business features are listed in the table above. e.g., Google my Business Listing.

Chiffi Group – A standard 4-page website created for a fencing contractor. Price: £399 – Designed and created by Web Design Solutions Wales

Conclusion – How much does a website cost in the UK

The answer to how much a website costs in the UK is that websites don’t need to cost much money; building your own or using an affordable agency such as Web Design Solutions Wales can be cheap enough! Check out our portfolio of work here.